Detailed MADStrat Report (3 to 5 Day Delivery)


Customized version of MADStrat Self Assessment Report



Designed for executives looking for next-level insight, this customized report involves the MADStrat founders reviewing your responses to the assessment and benchmarking your responses against the full MADStrat data set in order to provide a more detailed analysis of your current context and a targeted set of recommendations.

This customized report expands on the directional information provided in the free report to deliver the following insights:

  • Which of 8 strategic zones your company plots in (versus the 3 zones in the free report) – providing deeper directional insight
  • How you perform with each major stakeholder group in terms of F2P and RA
  • Commentary on the overall attractiveness of your market and the drivers of change
  • Commentary on the strength of your customer franchise and vulnerability to switching (benchmarked against the full MADStrat data set)
  • Commentary on your innovation and leadership performance (benchmarked against the full MADStrat data set)
  • Targeted recommendations for improving your F2P and RA scores on key dimensions

Please note that the individual attention given to the production of these reports means that the reports will be delivered 3 to 5 days from when the order is placed.  If rush delivery (defined as 1 working day) is required, please select the expedited delivery version of the report.